“My best friend referred me to Katie as I was in a health and overall rut in general. It was the best thing I could have done for myself mentally and physically. I’ve seen amazing changes in my body and her unique training plans have me using muscles that I’ve never used. I recommend her for all athletic levels.”
—Amy G.

Katie’s energy is just what I needed to get out of my rut. Before seeing her, I hadn’t worked out on a regular basis in years and now I find myself wanting to work out and enjoying it. She checks in on you and gives you encouragement outside of the workout sessions and most importantly…she helps you get in shape and see results, legitimately. I can’t recommend her enough – want to get in shape and lose some extra pounds? Start hanging with Katie – you won’t be disappointed.”
—Hilary F.

“I’ve been working with Katie for about a month. I priced several options in the area, and she is the most affordable. Not to mention, working out at her house means 1) I don’t have to prep my house for every workout and 2) I don’t have to pay for an additional gym membership. Best of both worlds. I’m really happy with the workouts.”
—Lauren C.

“I started working out with Katie in 2015 and have been loving it ever since! Before Katie, I had always started working out and then stopped. Now it’s much easier to stay on track, because she genuinely cares and supports me 100% of the way. I now eat healthy, work out regularly, and feel better than ever.
—Christina F.

“Katie is awesome! I purchased 10 sessions and started working out with her twice a week in the weeks leading up to my beach wedding…it has been a great experience; the only time I have ever looked forward to working out! …bought more sessions even after the wedding and it’s been 5 months and we have never repeated a workout. She keeps it fun, affordable and tailors it to our wants and needs. Katie is an excellent teacher. I would definitely recommend her!”
—Jill V.

“Katie is a great coach! She is fun, encouraging, and has a positive attitude. She is also very knowledgeable in human anatomy and nutrition. Her high intensity training approach yields super fast results. I would definitely recommend her.”
—Melody A.

“I’ve been working out with Katie for about 2 years now and I have to say I couldn’t do it without her. She’s very challenging and motivational. I am not a morning person whatsoever, but 2 days per week I manage to drag myself out of bed to meet with Katie, because I know the results and way I feel afterwards are worth every minute. Also, as someone who has been diagnosed with scoliosis, Katie has been able to cater to my needs and personalize a workout just for me. I know that with every workout, Katie is constantly focused on my posture and the importance of not only strengthening my back, but protecting it as well.”
—Mel S.

“I LOVE working out with Katie! I’ve been working out with her for about two years now, and continue to look forward to it twice a week. She is so fun to talk to that I don’t even notice how much she is kicking my ass until the next day when I’m sore! Her prices are great, she knows what she’s doing, will listen to what YOU want or need, and holds you accountable to doing what’s right for your body in the most non judgmental fashion.”
—Rachel G.

“My workouts with Katie have changed my life! Since I started working with Katie in 2010 I have not only lost weight and gained strength, but I can honestly say that I exercise regularly and productively. Her workouts are challenging, but they are never boring which is where other trainers, videos, and classes have fallen short for me. I have wasted hundreds of dollars on gym memberships that I only used in waves. Katie is part of my lifestyle. If you are reading this, you are thinking about getting serious about making a change. Take the first step.”
—Hollie B.

“I have worked out with Katie for years. I have always had trouble stabilizing my weight and her creative and truly compassionate approach to health has been a Godsend. I also worked out with Katie during my pregnancy – it was wonderful! I got an honest to goodness work out while she took every measure insure my safety. If you want a great work out from someone to challenge you while respecting your goals and intentions, Katie is your girl! Quite simply her dedication is unmatched! I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me.”
—Michelle H.

“I hired Katie as my personal trainer because I could not make myself go to the gym on my own. Not only does she hold me accountable, she tailors my workouts to fit my needs and in 6 months, I have rarely repeated a workout. She is amazing at finding new ways to approach working out that make them fun and different so they do not get monotonous. I highly recommend her. You cannot go wrong!”
—Nicole V.